1st CORE LNGas hive project Conference

The conference took place in Barcelona last June 22nd and was attended by 120 representatives from the consortium of the project, associations and the sector was opened by the President of the Spanish Ports Authority, José Llorca; Gas Assets General Manager of Enagás, Claudio Rodríguez and the President of the Barcelona Port Authority, Sixte Cambra.

The main results of CORE LNGas hive project were presented in this public event in Barcelona at Fundació Navegació Oceanica.

The aim was to disclose the status of the project and the efforts made by the European Commission and the Spanish Government to promote transport sustainability. The event focused on LNG as the down-to earth and the real alternative of the future of sustainable sea transport. Furthermore, the use of LNG will contribute to the decarbonisation of the transport sector according to the EU targets and will play an important role in improving air quality, especially in port environments.

For Helmut Morsi, Advisor to the European Commission, “these types of projects are key initiatives for the application of the Clean Power for Transport directive, which supports sustainable transport, the fight against climate change, the improvement of air quality, which are of benefit for all European citizens.”

The conference also explained the National Action Framework for Alternative Energies in Transport which highlights the efforts made by the Spanish Government in this field. Studies on the Demand and Social Perception of LNG produced by CORE LNGas hive were also presented. According to the results of the study on the Demand, developing a European network of LNG refueling stations would motivate the market, and the Iberian Peninsula would play a key role. Finally, three round tables took place, in which value was placed on LNG as a sustainable fuel and the consumer and shipper viewpoints were explained, as well as those of other similar European projects. The bottom line is that LNG is increasingly in demand as a fuel in the maritime sector, in the context of reducing emissions. This first conference was held in Barcelona as it is one of the main cities where CORE LNGas hive project is being developed with five initiatives. One of them, the LNG Powered electricity generator, was exhibited and available outside the premises of the Fundació. Further Conferences are proposed for this same year in Portugal and in Mugardos (Spain). The aim of CORE LNGas hive is to create a safe, efficient and integrated logistics and supply chain for LNG as a fuel in the transport sector, particularly for maritime transport, in the Iberian Peninsula.

Source: Core LNGas hive 3rd Newsletter (2Q 2017)

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