2E3S and University of Genoa sign collaboration agreement

On the 16th of May Eduard Rodés, Director of the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping (2E3S), and Prof. Luca Beltrametti, Director of the Department of Economics- School of Social Sciences- University of Genoa, signed a collaboration agreement to work together in promoting and fostering training in intermodal logistics and transport.

The collaboration agreement was supported by the Port of Genoa, which actively participates in development and realisation of the courses organised by the 2E3S.

Under the agreement, University of Genoa will promote the 2E3S training courses in the framework of its Master in Maritime and Port Economics and Management, with aim to increase awareness and disseminate information about the EU transport policy, railway transport and the motorways of the seas (MOS) among its students. The University will also contribute by ensuring visibility of the 2E3S on its website and in the bachelor´s promotional documentation. Similarly the Escola will display the logo of the University of Genoa on its website and in the courses´ documentation. Apart from being responsible for the courses´ preparation, the 2E3S will provide the University with a complete quality analysis and statistics of the courses attended by the students.

The collaboration agreement valid for a term of 7 academic years consolidates the very good relationship between the two parties, which will be of an extraordinary value for the University of Genoa students. The participants will have a unique opportunity to decide and manage future operations in which rail-maritime intermodality and the motorways of the sea could prove to be time-, service- and cost- effective alternatives. The courses designed especially for the students from the University of Genoa will be held every year in Barcelona, with an approximate duration of 10 days, and they will be worth 3 ECTS credits.

For more information contact the Escola at info@2e3s.eu.