2E3S consolidates its role as a leader in training and consulting in Europe

The Committee comprises of representatives of the main organizations involved and responsible for establishing the strategic lines of 2E3S. The Steering Committee was followed by the meeting of the Executive Committee – the main body deciding on the directions of the Escola. Both meetings have focused on the achievements of 2E3S in 2014, and have set goals for 2015, showing that the institution is moving to consolidate its role as a benchmark for training and consultancy within the short-distance maritime transport sector, within the logistics Community of Barcelona, in Europe, and across the Mediterranean.

The Escola coordinates the training working group of the Governing Council for the Promotion of the Port Community of Barcelona, created in late 2014, and since 2012 has chaired the working group on training, R & D and CSR of the Barcelona-Catalunya Centre Logístic. From these bodies projects to promote college degrees and dual training programmes have developed over the past year and resulted in the creation of the project Forma’t Port, which aims to transmit the knowledge of the environment and port logistics activities to students of higher degree courses of Logistics, Transport and International Commerce. Training centers from Barcelona and el Prat de Llobregat, along with many associations from the industry participate in the project.

During the period analysed in the meetings, the Escola’s participation in the European projects B2MOS, Optimed and Clyma was highlighted. Optimed project, funded by the European ENPI programme, included conducting a training of trainers course for students (future teachers) from Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia.

Outside of Europe, 2E3S has participated as a partner in the project Cabotagem Brazil, funded by the World Bank and promoted by the Brazilian government, which aimed to analyze the feasibility of short sea shipping services between Brazilian ports and their neighboring countries. During the project, a delegation of representatives of public organizations of the country participated in a 2E3S training course and visited the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport (DG Move) and the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA ) of the European Commission in Brussels.

In the training section the success of the 2E3S’s courses, carried out without any subsidy of the EU, was stressed. Moreover the high rate of success among courses for professionals for the French, Spanish and Portuguese markets was highlighted.

The Escola’s courses have also demonstrated an important participation of students from the Americas, ranging from universities of Panama and the United States, along with the usual collaborating centers in Mexico, Peru and Colombia and Venezuela . The participation of students from third countries continues its upward trend and now represents 65% of the total.

For more information contact the Escola at info@2e3s.eu.