2E3S.eu opens the registration for railway intermodal logistics courses for Spanish professionals  

The Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping (2E3S.eu) is organising a new edition of SURCO courses (Simple Use of Railway COnnection) for professionals of the sector. These courses, highly specialised, offer complete training in intermodal logistics and rail-port services of freight transport.

Nowadays the growth of intermodal transport, especially of railway, is a challenge in Spain. Whilst in Europe the railway transport represented 18% of total freight transport in 2014 (source: Eurostat), in Spain this share was only reaching 5,2% in the same year. This mode of transport offers many benefits – service, cost and time – and still has an important development potential. Through information dissemination and training, these two courses created by the Escola respond to such challenges, fostering the use of railway transport and rail-port connections. The courses will enable the participants to acquire specialised theoretical and practical knowledge which will help them in the future to build efficient supply chains that are including the railway network.

The training will be carried out in two complementary sessions: one from the 5th to the 9th of September 2016 centred on the national transport (charger-port) and the second one from the 16th to the 20 of January focused more on the international transport characteristics. The courses are combining theoretical classes, practical workshops and a case study. They offer general knowledge in intermodality, railway services for freight transport and railway-maritime logistics (typology, equipment and transport systems, railway terminals in ports, etc.)

The first session (4 days) will be mainly dedicated to the maritime-railway situation in Spain, presenting the internal railway network of goods and its technical characteristics, the railway-port infrastructures, the railway terminal for goods, etc. The course also includes a visit to the traffic control centre of the Generalitat of Catalonia´s Railways (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya – FGC), visits to two chargers located in Barcelona – Inovyn and Seat – and visits to terminals in the Port of Barcelona area (multimodal, containers, vehicles and bulks terminals).

The second session (5 days) will have a more international approach, presenting the European regulations for ground transport and the characteristics of international railway transport. These lectures will be completed with a visit to ADIF´s traffic control centre and to three railway installations in France and Spain next to the border: Port Bou, Cerbere, Le Boulou.

With these two courses, the Escola has developed a complete training programme in railway intermodality based on the sector reality which will enable professionals to easily put into practice their knowledge in their work environment.

Programme of the courses and registration:

5-9 of September 2016: www.2e3s.eu/course/160905so/

16-20 of January 2017: www.2e3s.eu/course/170116so/