2E3S plans a busy February with 7 courses

On Tuesday a group of 30 students from the Faculty of Nautical Studies of Barcelona completed a MOST Management course organised by the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping (2E3S). The course took place from the 6th to the 9th of February on board of a Grimaldi RO-PAX vessel on the short sea shipping route between Barcelona and Civitavecchia (Port of Rome).

This MOST Management course, one of the regular courses of 2E3S, is centered on intermodal logistics, short sea shipping services and the motorways of the sea. The teaching staff included specialists from the transport sector: José Francisco Vidal (Ex-Director of the Shortsea Promotion Center Spain), Antonio Vargas (Ex-Director General of Grimaldi Logistica España) and Adriana Díaz (Projects, Knowledge and Quality Manager of 2E3S). They introduced the participants to the concept of co-modality, gave them the tools to know the benefits and savings to be gained from the use of the motorways of the sea, explained the concept of e-Maritime to improve the efficiency and reliability of intermodal transport and operations and presented the European policy on transport, amongst other. Aside from the lectures, which provided the students with the main keys to understand the issues at stake of the intermodal sector, the format of the course also mixed workshops and a case study in the training, making it a unique experience for the students. They had the opportunity to travel from one port to another and discover their facilities, observe and experience real intermodal transport operations during the trip and enjoy a touristic and convivial moment during a guided tour of Rome.

Eminently practical, this course helped the students absorb the teachings and created unforgettable memories, making it a unique educational and human experience, as highlighted by one participant: “At all times, the teachers were confident and approachable, which was greatly appreciated and made this course a wonderful and highly recommandable experience. Moreover, I think that we have united and grown both as a group and individually. ”

On the 9th of February a Logistics Port Workshop for 10 students from the University of Barcelona also took place. They discovered the facilities and infrastructures of the Port of Barcelona through a maritime visit on board of the Consolat de Mar. The visit primarily aimed to introduce the participants to the primary modal interchange hub: the port.

With four courses completed this week, including two Forma’t al Port courses that took place from the 5th to the 9th, and three other courses planned for this month: a MOST Management course, a special six days course called “Maritime Trade and Logistics: Theory and Applications” and a SURCO Introduction course on intermodal rail logistics, 2E3S will reach a total of seven courses in February. It’s a promising beginning for 2E3S which announces a busy year to come!