2E3S teaches intermodality to an European alumni-base

The busy period continues for the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping (2E3S) in March, as more students from around the world come to Barcelona to attend intermodal transport courses.

Between the 13th and the 15th of March 2E3S organized a WHITE MOS (White paper Holistic Intermodal Training on Transport in Europe Motorways of the Sea) Operations course for a group of students from Belgium, Germany and Belarus. A large portion of the group came from the University College Arteveldehogeschool (Gent, Belgium), as they travelled to Barcelona to embark on a practical course on board of a short sea shipping vessel of Grandi Navi Veloci on the crossing between Barcelona and Genoa. WHITE MOS courses aim to provide training in intermodal logistics, short sea shipping services and the Motorways of the Sea. The students could observe and experience the short sea shipping activities first hand during the trip by seeing real-life intermodal transport operations. The course was taught in English by a combination of professionals and professors from the Spanish and Italian transport sectors. These included representatives of Grandi Navi Veloci, the Port of Genoa, consultants from the Spanish logistics sector and the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping. The students were given the opportunity to participate in workshops, practical visits to the vessel, debates and work in groups with their counterparts from other parts of Europe.

On the 16th of March 2E3S welcomed 56 students from the EAE Business School (Barcelona) on a three-day long WHITE Intermodality course in Barcelona. The course, which was adapted to the special requirements of the students of the Master in Supply Chain at the EAE Business School aimed to introduce intermodal transport and present the primary modal interchange hub: the port. It is eminently practical: a concise visit to the port of Barcelona is carried out, accompanied by detailed explanations of the port infrastructures. The training is complemented by an explanation of the said infrastructures in a classroom environment. Workshops were also carried out inside a Ro-Pax vessel of Grimaldi Lines resting the port at the time. The EAE students also participated in practical visits to three terminals of the port – to a vehicle terminal – Autoterminal, a container terminal – Barcelona Europe South terminal – and Morrot – an intermodal terminal.