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about the escola

Welcome to the Escola Europea - Intermodal Transport

The Escola Europea is a training centre and a reference point for intermodal transport and logistics in Europe, promoting sustainable logistics through innovative courses. 

The organisation centres its activities in three principal areas: Research and Innovation, Knowledge and Training.

Our Objectives

  • To help people change and bring about change and progress in society through the promotion of maritime transport as the basis for the development of sustainable logistics in Europe;
  • To educate and train people from the perspective of what we do and who we are;
  • To propose an alternative set of values and set ourselves up as an alternative to the status quo of the existing maritime transport that we want to change or improve.

Our Foundations

  • To promote an internal market in which free, undistorted competition is the order of the day;
  • To promote sustainable development based on balanced economic growth, the improvement of environmental quality and scientific and technical progress;
  • To promote economic, social and territorial cohesion, and solidarity between Member States of the European Union and the fulfillment of EU transport policy.

Our Values

The Escola follows 6 main values in its activities and training programmes:

IMAGINATIO - A Creative Project

symbols_imaginatioCreativity is understood as the ambition to seek new ways to do the things that enrich accomplishments. We have recovered certain traditions, such as "training ships", and we have incorporated a new concept: "the training train". We have also incorporated the latest and most advanced training techniques. We provide a framework that brings together workshops, keynote lectures, and group work, allowing students to make the most of the infrastructures, operators, and Short Sea Shipping and Railway services and enjoy marvellous cities such as Barcelona, Rome, Genoa, Lisbon, Bilbao or Santander.

DIALOGUS - A framework for dialogue

symbols_dialogusDialogue and interpersonal relationships are singled out as fundamental tools of progress. The ships and the trains, as well as following the courses on board, provide a convivial environment that helps facilitate relationships. Trust must flow from these relationships and acquaintances; it is this very trust that provides the possibility of learning new ways of doing things that benefit all involved. The courses themselves provide an environment in which port employees, administrators and operators can meet and talk to each other, making it possible to improve the quality of services provided.

LIBERTAS - A space of freedom

symbols_libertasWe aim to make self-determination the value that will allow us to make decisions without constraints, and to pass on the values that inspire and advance the construction of a European area for society, people, logistics and transport. Our classrooms must help build stronger bonds with the European Union, and spread our shared philosophical heritage. We would like to thank the European Commission for its help, which has allowed the Escola to reach its current size and scope. The best way of showing our appreciation is to make the most of the opportunity given to us.

OPUS - A joint effort

symbols_opusThis project depends on the work and efforts of everybody concerned. To start with, we should mention the efforts of the organisers and the necessary essential contribution of lecturers and visiting staff from different SSS Promotion Centres, Universities and Training Centres of the countries involved. The results of the courses depend particularly on their work. This is precisely why the Escola must provide them with everything they need so that they can do their job in the best conditions.

FIDES - An environmental commitment

symbols_fidesThe commitment to defend the environment plays a fundamental role in this project. Co-modal logistics is both environmental- and people-friendly. The degree of success we enjoy in bringing this about will also be a success in terms of protecting the environment. This project was inspired by a spirit of cooperation and integration of the different means of transport. Such a co-modality should provide an arena for seeking more reasonable ways to perform operations. Likewise, the project itself is a starting point for seeking out and researching more efficient ways to protect the Mediterranean, which is our raison d'etre.

SAPIENTIA - A European School

symbols_sapientiaThe Escola was born in Catalonia, and was founded by partners from Italy and Spain. It was then built by people from fourteen European countries. It is a sharing space in which knowledge must be transmitted in such a way that everyone taking part can make the most of it and apply it in the most efficient ways possible. It should be the arena for an ongoing learning process allowing us to move forward to a better society.


This project motivates those of us who take part in it in a special way and we hope it motivates all those who decide to join us along the way.