Big Data Project To Reduce Ship Emissions Launched

Dutch ship monitoring company We4Sea has launched a world-wide project to utilise big data in order to reduce ship emissions.

The company is now inviting ship-owners to join this global challenge. For every ship-owner that joins the project, We4Sea will monitor five ships for a six month period at a fixed price. The worst performing ship will be analysed in detail, with detailed proposals to help the ship owner to increase fuel-efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

We4Sea state that it is possible to reduce emissions using big data technology. That was the motivation or them launching this innovative project. It is a web-based platform through which We4Sea offers insights based on big data analysis of the actual operations of ships.

By addressing both the economic and environmental impact in one solution, We4Sea say that they create a win-win situation. The application threshold is low, because the We4Sea solution does not require hardware installation on board.

Dan Veen, CEO We4Sea commented: “We will not sit and wait to make a difference. We offer our knowledge and experience to increase sustainability in the maritime world. It is our goal to reduce CO2 emissions with 1 Million tons before 2019“.

The first 30 ships that apply will be admitted to the project.

Source: Ship Efficiency Review