Brussels Briefing on Environment – All you need to know for April 2015

In this Brussels Briefing on Environment, leading journalist Sonja van Renssen provides an overview of the latest EU environment and climate policy developments:

  • Tentative deal on ILUC: it seems likely that MEPs will settle for a 7% cap on conventional biofuels in 2020 with the proviso that this also includes non-food energy crops and that individual member states are free to set lower caps
  • MEPs and Member States face off on a Market Stability Reserve (MSR) for the EU ETS: Member States insist on a 2021 start date while the Parliament demands 2019
  • Due this month: a new circular economy roadmap, to be followed by a public consultation and stakeholder conference to pave the way to new proposals by the end of the year
  • Air pollution: lead MEP sets out her ideas for the national emission ceilings directive, including binding targets for 2025
  • Informal ministerial: European Environment and Energy Ministers will debate nature conservation and renewable policies at the informal Council in Riga (14-16 April)

Watch the video here!

Source: Vieuws