Busy period for the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping- two WHITE MOS courses organized during the weekend

This weekend the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping had a busy itinerary. On the 22nd- 24th of May 45 participants from the Fundación Tecnocampus, La Salle Campus Barcelona, IES Escola del Treball and IES Eugeni D´Ors took part in the WHITE MOS Operations training on board of a Ro-Pax vessel on a short sea shipping route to Genoa. Similarly on the 23rd-26th of May 38 students from the Facultat de Náutica de Barcelona and ESAN Peru participated in the WHITE MOS Management course, which took place on board of a Ro-Pax vessel of Grimaldi Lines in the SSS crossing between Barcelona and Civitavecchia.

The participants could observe and experience the short sea shipping activities first hand during the trip by seeing real-life intermodal transport operations. They had also a unique opportunity to visit the cities of the shipping routes destinations: Rome and Genoa.

Both courses were carried out in Spanish, and taught by a combination of professionals and professors from the transport sector. These included representatives of Grimaldi Lines, Genoa Port Authority and Acciona Logistica, consultants from the Spanish logistics sector and the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping. The students were given the opportunity to participate in workshops, practical visits to the vessel, debates and work in groups.

WHITE MOS courses aim to provide training in intermodal logistics, short sea shipping services and the motorways of the sea.

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