CORE LNGas hive partners meet to discuss new LNG gas-powered straddle carriers

On the 14th of February 14 partners of the EPM4 sub-activity of the Core LNGas Hive project met at the premises of Idiada Applus to discuss the transformation of two straddle carriers of each of the container terminals of the Port of Barcelona; BEST and APMTerminals.

At the meeting, the heads of the Powertrain department of Idiada summarised the progress made in the gas transformation of the diesel engines of the container machines. The engine of the machine from APMTerminals has been transformed to run 100% on gas (from diesel) in order to insert spark plugs and integrate the best solution to inject the gas and thus achieve more homogeneous and efficient combustion. In the case of the BEST machine engine, the viability of the dual fuel transformation is being studied. In both machines, 600 litre LNG tanks will be installed.

The meeting was attended by representatives from Enagás, coordinator of the Core LNGas hive project; the Port of Barcelona, as leader of the sub-activity; Idiada who carried out the transformation of the engines; HAM who is responsible for the installation of the tanks; and container terminals APMTerminals and BEST. Gas Natural Servicios is responsible for the study of supply logistics of LNG.

The project, which begun in January 2016 and has a total budget of 1,222,000 euros, is part of the CORE LNGas HIVE Initiative, led by ENAGAS and co-funded by the CEF programme of the European Union. It is also part of one of the actions contemplated in the Plan for the Improvement of Air Quality of the Port of Barcelona.

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Source: Port of Barcelona press release