DNV GL Launch New Portal to Support Uptake of LNG Bunkers

DNV GL Monday announced that Royal Dutch Shell plc (Shell), Rolls-Royce’s Marine Division, and MAN Diesel & Turbo SE (MAN) will be among the first companies to use its new liquefied natural gas (LNG) intelligence portal, known as LNGi, which is intended to share market intelligence and contribute to the uptake of LNG bunkers.

The LNGi portal is said to include an interactive map, which provides information on LNG bunkering opportunities around the world, as well as additional data and information, including existing and planned infrastructure, details on port and infrastructure projects, tank to ship bunkering options, and LNG bunker vessels.

“The LNG industry has been growing rapidly over the past few years, so much so, that it has become increasingly challenging to keep track of all the latest developments,” said Dr. Gerd Michael Würsig, Business Director LNG fuelled Ships at DNV GL – Maritime.

“This is especially true for shipowners who are considering the option of using LNG in their vessels and want to ensure they have considered all the relevant factors.”

LNGi is said to combine market intelligence provided by DNV GL, LNG suppliers, and infrastructure owners, as well as offer statistics and information on alternative fuels and emissions solutions, such as exhaust scrubber uptake.

“LNGi keeps us in touch with new developments around port infrastructure and additions to the LNG world fleet. This information helps us anticipate the needs of our customers and identify new opportunities,” explained Lauran Wetemans, General Manager of Shell’s LNG Business Development.

DNV GL says the Society of Gas as Marine Fuel (SGMF) will support LNGi through the review of data published within the portal and providing information about LNG bunkering projects.

In the future, DNV GL says that LNGi will also provide additional features, such as the option for shipowners to show interest towards LNG suppliers for bunkering in certain locations.

Earlier in March, DNV GL announced a new Scrubber Ready class notation that ensures necessary preparations are in place during a newbuild to allow for a scrubber retrofit at a later stage.

Source: Ship & Bunker