The Escola Europea prepares the new edition of SURCO Operations: training on intermodal railway logistics for professionals

After the success obtained with the last editions, the Escola is now preparing a new SURCO Operations I course for Spanish professionals. This course offers an introductory training on intermodal logistics focused on the port-shipper national operations. The training is designed for professionals of freight transport companies of the maritime and railway sectors and/or of port authorities.

SURCO Operations I proposes an analysis of the different elements you need to conjugate  to offer efficient from railway to port services. It offers all the information the decision-makers need to run supply chains where railway  can be a profitable alternative as for type of service, cost or time. Moreover it wants to promote the use of railway transport by explaining its special features and characteristics.

During 4 days, from 3 to 7 July, the attendants will have the opportunity to discover the infrastructures and equipment involved in the railway transport, as well as the regulations and documents necessary to manage all freight railway transport services. The training programme consists of theory lectures and visits to shippers’ railway facilities, FGC (Ferrocarril de la Generalitat de Catalunya) Integrated Control Centre (Rubí) and some railway terminals within the Port of Barcelona area.

The Escola counts on the support and collaboration of major companies of the logistics –Hutchison-BEST terminals and APM Terminals– and industry –SEAT, Inovyn and ICL Iberia– sectors, as well as on the Port of Barcelona and FGC.


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