The Escola prepares for the first batch of technical courses in spring 2018

With the arrival of the new year the Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport has begun its preparations and opened registrations for the technical courses scheduled in the first quarter of 2018. There will be two editions of specialised training in April and May 2018.

The first course scheduled for the 9th – 11th of April 2018 will focus on Groupage Operations and Consolidation Centres. It will take place in Barcelona, and aim to train the participants in the handling of groupage shipments, consolidation centres, import/export procedures, customs, etc. As part of the training, visits to a container terminal and to consolidation warehouses will take place to give course participants a practical understanding of the theory taught. The course is sponsored by Grupo Romeu, International Forwarding S.L., CWT Globelink Group, Hutchison Ports BEST terminal, Ibercondor, ATEIA-OLTRA and the Port of Barcelona. For more information about the programme and on how to register visit the course page:

The second technical course of the spring term will focus on Temperature Controlled Supply Chains. It will take place between the 7th and 10th of May (dates to be confirmed) in Barcelona. The contents of the course will focus on the types of merchandise and packaging required for controlled temperature transport, international standards, temperature-controlled equipment and systems used by industry actors, security and risk management. To complement the theory taught, visits to MERCABARNA (Barcelona’s wholesale food market and Complementary Logistics Zone – ZAL), a container terminal, port and air cargo facilities, and the Catalan port’s border inspection point (PIF) will take place. Sponsored by Port of Barcelona, Grimaldi Lines, Hutchison Port BEST terminal, TOMAS, Mercabarna and Ibercondor, the course is targeted at producers, manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors and shippers of temperature-controlled freight/perishable products. For more information about the course programme and on how to register visit the course page: