Exceptional grant of 30M€ to the French intermodal transport operators over three years

The French Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, Ségolène Royal, announced that the Funds for energy transition will provide extra aid of 30M€ to the intermodal transport operators until 2017. These operators already receive a grant based on the number of multimodal transhipment operations they make. It’s called the “coup de pince” grant (“gripper use” grant), it’s a reference to the handling technique of swap bodies or containers using huge grippers mounted on forklifts or handling cranes: a multimodal transfer, a “gripper use” grant.

This extra aid aims to reinforce the “coup de pince” grant to bring it back to its level of 2012, which was 18€. This amount decreased significantly over the last years to reach 12€ at the end of 2014.

However this good news hides a bad one. After 2017, the “coup de pince” grant will disappear. Nowadays the professional of the sector are wondering if they won’t rely any longer on combined transport aids or if this aid will be extended in another form than an operating subsidy.

The beneficiaries are the combined transport operators selected after a public call for expressions of European interest for their regular services operated in French terminals.

The first part of 10M€ is allocated to about thirty operators of who 15 are railway’s operators, 13 fluvial and 1 maritime for their traffic done in 2014. According the Ministry, this aid will accompany the freight transport professionals towards a competitive business model.

Source: WK – Transport Logistique