Remembering some of the Escola Europea’s founding values at the end of the year seems a nice way to stay close to the people who follow us and to share some thoughts during the transition from 2017 to 2018. Values are a compound of beliefs that shape our motivation and determination. They nourish emotions, what moves us to act. They are the message we pass on to our students, wishing they will make them their own values and pass them on again to others, with the common aim to build a better society. Fides in Latin means «faith», «trust», «loyalty». In Roman mythology, Fides was the goddess of trust and good faith. Her temple on the Capitol was where the Roman Senate signed and kept state treaties with foreign countries, and where Fides protected them. She is represented as a young woman crowned with an olive or laurel wreath. For the Escola Europea, FIDES stands for our commitment with people and the environment. Both are strongly connected, for they are very complementary in many ways. If we respect the environment, we also respect people, our fellows, our descendants. Believing that we will be able to respect, maintain and take care of our ecosystem should be the main inspiration and motivation to lead the way. When we make decisions to find transport solutions, we can prioritize some elements to reach a better final goal. This is why operations are always different: the outcome depends on the operators, on their own principles and values. On the buyer, the seller, the user, the manager. When we make a choice, we prioritize: we always have to compromise. What comes first? Profit? People? The environment? At the end of the day, we have to make decisions, and to do it in a responsible way we need some knowledge to allow us to ponder all factors and reach a thoughtful and balanced decision. We need to know… Easy to say, but not always do we know enough. Because we were not taught, because we were not curious enough to learn, because… We can find many causes, but these should not make us feel guilty in our attempt to do things well. When we struggle to make a decision, we face ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses, our flaws and qualities. At the Escola, our FIDES today resides mainly in the Mediterranean and the people who live in it. We do our bit with an education program that brings them modernisation and progress. Our final aim is the extension of a quality maritime transport network, which shall contribute to economic development and job creation in the region. I said “an education program” and not a training program, since the latter could be interpreted as a mere transmission of technical knowledge. We talk about education for in our courses we want our students to gain and improve communication skills, group work, flexibility, problem and conflict solving, critical observation and leadership. At the same time we want them to expand their awareness of environmental issues through a better knowledge of the European policy about such matters. Next year we will do more courses: MOST, SURCO, GROUPAGE, TransLogMED, and we will keep the faith to push our program forward. We trust we will still count on the loyalty of our port community. It has always been there for us. A 2018 full of FIDES.

Eduard Rodés, Director

Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport