Funding for the Vigo-Nantes Motorway of the Sea delayed

Europe has not yet given its approval to the 26 million euros that the shipping compny Suardíazis awaiting in order to begin receiving in grants.

European community and state funding for the Vigo-Nantes Motorway of the Sea, operated since last January by the Suardíaz shipping company, is expected to be delayed until the autumn, as the EC has requested further information from Spain and France on granting subsidies , as recorded by the Faro de Vigo.

Thus, the 26 million euros that the shipping company will receive progressively over the next four years is still awaiting approval from Brussels, approval which was expected this summer after the Gallic and Spanish authorities handed over the requested records to Brussels in May.

The Spanish Government has included 11.5 million for the grant of this line in the 2016 State Budget, the same amount as the French administration, which also has to get three million from the Marco Polo programme.

Now, although the Spanish State Ports (Puertos del Estado) “immediately” forwarded  clarifications requested by the Commission last July, the absence of news from Brussels on this issue will delay the delivery of aid after September, so the shipping company will operate unaided for nine months, three quarters in which it has reached an occupancy rate of 70% in the direction Vigo-Nantes.

Source: Cadena de Suministro