Going ahead with Poseidon Med II: Opening Ceremony in Brussels

On 17th of February will take place in Brussels (at the European Parliament, Meeting Room JAN 6Q1) the POSEIDON MED Closing Ceremony and POSEIDON MED II Opening Ceremony.

The event is the opportunity to go deep inside the results of the ended project and to present the aims and objectives of the continuation.

Poseidon Med developed a strategy for the introduction and promotion of the use of LNG as marine fuel in order to provide an efficient and effective solution to the problem of emissions abatement in the East Mediterranean area: the ultimate aim was to prepare in detail a global plan of infrastructure development in the East Mediterranean area so that LNG can be widely adopted as marine fuel for shipping operations.

The continuation Poseidon Med II develops its action till December 2020 with the following specific aims:

  • facilitate the adoption of the regulatory framework for the LNG bunkering;
  • design the extension of Revithoussa LNG terminal;
  • design and construct an LNG fuelled specific feeder vessel;
  • implement technical designs and plan approvals for the retrofit/new building of LNG fuelled vessels and for additional ports’ infrastructure for bunkering operations;
  • examine potential synergies with other uses of LNG;
  • develop a sustainable LNG trading and pricing  pattern;
  • develop financial instruments to support the port and vessel installations.

By implementing this comprehensive study and pilot activity, the project answer to the international and European requirements in reducing sulphur emissions to 0.5% in maritime transport globally.

The Brussels Ceremony represents the transition among the two projects, presenting the Closing Report & Achievements of Poseidon Med andIntroduction, Goals & Perspectives of Poseidon Med II with a further session dedicated to FUTURE AHEAD: Saving The Environment By Re-industrialising Europe.

Among the others there will be Representatives from Greek, Italian, Cyprus Ministries, Representative of European Commission, Representative of European Investment Bank, Ioannis BAKAS – Project Manager of Poseidon Med, George POLYCHRONIOU – Project Manager of Poseidon Med II, Panayiotis MITROU, Marine Technology & Innovation Manager, Hellenic Lloyd’s S.A,  Dr. Panayotis ZACHARIOUDAKIS – Managing Director, Ocean Finance Ltd., Antonio Revedin – Director, Venice Port Authority, Head of EU Project Research and Development Unit Authority, Dr. Federica Montaresi – Head of Studies and Special Projects, La Spezia Port Authority.

Source: ON the MoS way