Grimaldi Group strengthens its ro-ro connections in Italy

The group has strengthened its own Motorways of the Sea enhancing connections with the islands of Sicily and Sardinia.
From Monday September 28, Grimaldi Group will expand its quarter-weekly ro-ro connections to Cagliari in Sardinia, which are already linked to the ports of Genoa, Livorno and Palermo.The service will offer a transit time of 17 hours fromo Genoa and 16 hours from Livorno to the Sardinian capital with departures from Genoa every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and from Livorno every Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Departures from Cagliari to Genoa and Livorno will be every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The service will be offered with two ro-ro vessels, the ‘Eurocargo Savona’ and ‘Eurocargo Alexandria’ , each with a capacity for around 250 vehicles including trucks and trailers and 450 cars.The inclusion of Cagliari in the maritime service between Genoa, Livorno and Palermo allows the Neapolitan group to connect Sardinia to northern Italy and Sicily offering new transportation opportunities for both merchandise imports and exports.

Moreover it will also offer for the first time a direct service between Cagliari and Palermo, the capitals of the two Italian islands. Departures from Cagliari will be on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and from Palermo on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday.

The group currently offers two regular routes between the Italian mainland and Sardinia, Civitavecchia and Porto Torres, and Salerno and Cagliari. To those direct connections between Spain and Sardinia, Porto Torres and Barcelona, and Valencia-Cagliari can be added.

Source: Cadena de Suministro

Daily service between Livorno and Palermo
In addition, as of September 29, the ro-ro line between Livorno and Palermo, operated until now by the Grimaldi Group four times a week from both ports, will be enhanced through the addition of of ‘Europalink’ – a ferry with a capacity for 4,320 linear meters of ro ro freight and 1,000 passengers.With the arrival of ‘Europalink’, the line between the port of Livorno and the capital of Sicily will operate on a daily basis, and will be extended to business passenger and tourists. The three weekly departures of the new line will be in Livorno on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Palermo on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. All departures are at 23:30 hours while the arrival is scheduled for 17:30 the next day.

Thanks to its speed and frequency, this new investment of Grimaldi, now enhanced, will especially benefit transport companies traveling with horticultural, pharmaceutical, fish products and perishable foods will .

Thus, the network of regular services already offered by the Neapolitan group with the island of Sicily, both in the East Coast from Catania to Brindisi, Ravenna, Livorno, Genoa, Salerno, Patras, Malta, Bar, and in the West, from Palermo to Genoa, Livorno, Salerno and Tunis, will be promoted.