How Smarter Infrastructure Moves Transportation Industry Ahead


Globalization, travel and the distribution of goods and services to every corner of the planet require smarter, faster and more efficient transportation. From business trips and family vacations to the shipment of a product from one place to the other, innovative IT offerings based on mobile, analytics and cloud technologies are employed to get people and things from Point A to Point B quickly, safely, efficiently and economically. IBM has made long-term investments in serving the IT needs of the travel and transportation industry. For instance, MERMEC Group, an Italian technology company that focuses on rail inspection, diagnostics and signaling, uses IBM’s technology. MERMEC also develops asset management software for the rail industry. And given the safety implications of its services, MERMEC Group must ensure high availability for its asset management services. With input from IBM, this eWEEK slide show illustrates how smarter infrastructure technology is helping transform the travel and transportation industry

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