Last MOST course of the year with Francophone professionals

Last weekend, the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping –– organised its last MOST course of the year, the MOST France. In this edition the regular French professionals were accompanied by a Tunisian delegation. The course ended on last 29th November after four navigation days along one of the most important Motorways of the Sea in Europe, from Barcelona to Civitavecchia (Roma), aboard a Grimaldi Ro-pax vessel.

The MOST Management courses, specialised in intermodal logistics, short sea shipping services and Motorways of the Sea, intend to respond to the sector’s challenges and promote the employment of short sea shipping as an economic and sustainable alternative to land transport. During 2016, the Escola has organised 13 MOST Management courses for a total of 560 participants. These figures include 4 courses exclusively dedicated to professionals from 4 European markets: Spain, Italy, Portugal and France.

If we take into account all the courses organized in 2016 –technical visits to the Port of Barcelona, MOST, SURCO, Forma’t al Port, amongst others–, the Escola has trained almost 2.200 participants in intermodality, coming from Europe (Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, etc.), from America (United-States, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, etc.), from Asia (North Korea, Singapore and India) and North Africa (Tunisia and Morocco).