The Motorways of the Sea to connect Italy

The new Marebonus* for sustainable logistics

On the 16th January the chief Italian actors in transport and infrastructure gathered at a conference room in the premises of the Civitavecchia Port Authority to discuss the role of Marebonus incentive to foster sustainable logistics. The conference “The Motorways of the Sea to connect Italy” was attended by the Minister of Infrastructures and Transports, Mr. Graziano Delrio, among others. Mr Delrio stressed that “the incentives offered by the government have been crucial for sustainable growth. They are working.”

The connection of Italy to Europe and North Africa goes through the “water cure”. The Motorways of the Sea were at the core of the debate that filled  the Civitavecchia Port Authority conference room. Ennio Cascetta, CEO of RAM–Italian Shortsea Promotion Centre–kicked off the event with an introduction in which he highlighted the growth in traffic along the MoS over the last three years, positioning Italy as one of the countries with the strongest short sea shipping activities in Europe (second only to Great Britain).

The panel comprised Francesco Maria Di Majo, President of North-Central Tyrrhenian Sea PSA, Thomas Baumgartner, President of FERCAM S.p.A, Matteo Catani, CEO of GNV, Massimo Ferro, Director of Corporate Strategy at Nestlé Group in Italy, Emanuele Grimaldi, VP of International Chamber of Shipping, Giancarlo Laguzzi, President of Fercargo and Peter Weiss, VP of Supply Chain Europe at FCA Group.

Di Majo’s speech was all about connecting and transversality. The agreement with the Central Adriatic Ports Authority to create a new Mediterranean corridor connecting Barcelona, Civitavecchia, Ortona and Ploce was described, along with the co-financing funds granted by the European Commission to the Bclink-project, aiming to integrate Civitavecchia and Barcelona ports’ supply chains involving the MoS. Di Majo also highlighted the essential role of training in the development of the MoS and consequently of the Escola Europea as a reference training centre in the Mediterranean. He also mentioned the TransLogMed project, promoted by the Escola Europea, which aims to develop door-to-door supply chains through the MoS connecting Italy and Spain to the Maghreb. The project, labelled by the Union for the Mediterranean, includes a series of conferences and training courses in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Jordan.

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* Marebonus is the incentive included in the Stability Law for the 2016-2018 triennium to foster road and maritime transport co-modality by creating new maritime services and improving the existing ones.  

Photo: Minister Graziano Delrio and the conference panel.