Norway is getting ready for zero emission cargo transport by sea

LNG was first introduced as a fuel in car ferries on the Norwegian coast. Later it was employed in cargo ships. Exhaust gases from LNG have limited SOx, NOx and particles. LNG reduces emissions of greenhouse gases with 20-25%.

But LNG is not the end game. Last year the first zero emission ferry was launched. It is powered by battery and it crosses a fjord over a distance of 6 km.

To increase the volume of zero emission cargo transport by sea, Norway has taken the following actions:

  • Investment support for shore power in ports.
  • Increased grants from NOx fund for battery installations.
  • Strong reduction of duty on electric power to ships in ports.
  • Grants for ship investments with reduced power consumption.
  • Zero emission solutions required in government ferry tenders.
  • Research and development grants targeting the maritime industry.

The overall aim is to lower emissions of greenhouse gasses and to become a leading supplier of zero emission solutions. ​

Source: European Shortsea Network