The Port of Barcelona promotes sustainable solutions across the Mediterranean

The head of Port Strategy participated in the MEDports Forum 2018.

The Port of Barcelona has participated in the Forum of Mediterranean Ports, the MEDports Forum 2018, organized by the Port of Marseille with the collaboration of Intermed – the association formed by the ports of Genoa, Marseilles and Barcelona. It took place between the 7 and 8th of February Marseille, France. The meeting also welcomed the participation of the main Mediterranean ports, such as Venice, Algeciras, Beirut, Civitavecchia, Algiers, Skikda, Damieta, Béjaia, Sète, Valencia, Genoa and Marseille, as well as the Office de la Marine Marchande et des Ports from Tunisia.

The delegation from the Port of Barcelona was formed by its Strategy chief, Jordi Torrent, and by the representative of the Port in Lyon, Claire Pérez. Torrent has participated in the round table that followed the panel entitled “Med Ports, promoters of innovative solutions for a sustainable maritime transport network”, where he argued for greater collaboration between the Mediterranean enclaves in environmental aspects.

LNG as a clean fuel

Jordi Torrent has presented the environmental initiatives being undertaken and included in the Air Quality Improvement Plan of the Port of Barcelona, which are reflected in projects aimed at minimizing the impact of port activity on the port’s surroundings. Many of these initiatives, which are supported by the European Union, are based on the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as an alternative fuel for boats, lorries and land-based machinery. Among the projects underway, the electrical connection to a ship from the quay from a LNG engine; the adaptation of two straddle carriers (terminal machinery) to work with natural gas; the adaptation of a barge to supply LNG to vessels; the design of a tugboat propelled by natural gas and the adaptation of 26 heavy trucks to this fuel were highlighted.

In his speech, Torrent recalled that the Port of Barcelona has an important re-gasification plant, facilities that are also found in other important ports of the Mediterranean and Europe. These infrastructures must facilitate greater cooperation between the ports of the region with the aim of promoting the use of LNG as a clean fuel in shipping and logistics. The Head of Port Strategy has called for Mediterranean ports to plan the development of these infrastructures in a coordinated way with the objective of creating a network that facilitates the use of LNG in the maritime industry.

In this sense, Torrent reminded the audience that important shipowners dedicated to the cruise sector, freight, containers, etc. are developing projects based on the use of LNG and, as a result, this fuel is increasingly appearing as a sustainable alternative within maritime transport.

Finally, the Head of Strategy has said that these environmental measures in the ports must be accompanied by other initiatives, such as the impulse of the railroad to connect with the internal markets and the introduction of technological solutions that allow to increase its efficiency and the creation of a sustainable Mediterranean maritime network.

MEDports Forum

MEDports Forum is a platform that aims to promote maritime transport in the Mediterranean and cooperation between its ports. In addition to the promotion of sustainability in ports, at the MEDports Forum conference held in Marseille, there was debate about the opportunities generated by the so-called new Silk Road and the role of ports as an interface between Europe and Africa, among other issues .

Source: Port de Barcelona press release