The Port of Gijon hosts the conference for training in road transport organized by 2E3S

The second edition of the series of conferences dealing with the contribution of intermodal transport to efficient supply chains took place on the 21th of April. The event, organized by the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping (2E3S), with the collaboration of the Port Authority of Gijon, ASETRA and the University of Oviedo, and financed by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Spain, gathered professionals of the sector in the headquarters of the Port Authority of Gijon.

Ovidio de la Roza, President of ASETRA and of CETM, José María Pertierra, the Managing Director of Infrastructures and Transport of the Principality of Asturias and Ana Braña, Councilor on Finance and Public Sector of the City Council of Gijón opened the conference, welcoming more than 70 people who attended the event.

The first presentation of the day was given by Eduard Rodés, the Director of 2E3S, in which he explained the White Paper and its relationship to intermodal transport, the motorways of the sea, the railway motorways and the Trans-European Transport Network.

The second part of the day was divided in two round tables. The first one, moderated by Rosa Aza of the University of Ovideo, focused on training in intermodal transport. José Manuel Montes of the University of Ovideo and Adriana Díaz of 2E3S participated as speakers. The second round table discussion centered on intermodal services presented as complementary for road transport, and was moderated by Dulsé Díaz, CETM Communication Officer. Sebastiano Cirnigliaro of Grimaldi, Miguel de Sanjuan of VIIA and Ismael Álvarez of Asturcoop contributed to the debate.

Finally, Laureano Lourido, President of the Port of Gijon and Eduard Rodés gave the final words of the day during the closing session. The conference, which was open to the public, and particularly to professionals of transport and logistics, offered a complete overview of the efficiency of the logistics supply chains in intermodal transport. The importance of intermodality, infrastructures and accesses was highlighted throughout the event.

The event was the second one of a series of conferences organized by 2E3S – the third and last one will take place in Madrid on the 19th of May.

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