The Sectoral Sustainability Plan of the Port of Barcelona opens a new period of adhesions

A total of 54 organizations are already part of the Plan, which aims to give a collective response to the challenges of sustainability of the sector.

The Port of Barcelona has announced a new period of adhesions for its Sectoral Sustainability Plan, with the goal of adding more companies and entities to the initiative, which aims to advance the development of a more sustainable port sector. The presentation was given by the president of the Port of Barcelona, Sixte Cambra; Deputy Director General and Corporate Development, Pedro Arellano; and the president of the Sustainability group of the Port Community’s Governing Council, Eduard Duran.

Currently, a total of 54 organizations from different areas of the port activity are part of the Sector Sustainability Plan. President Sixte Cambra underlined the commitment of the Port of Barcelona and its Port Community for sustainable growth: “As established in our Strategic Plan, we want to grow, but we want to do so in a sustainable way and from a triple perspective: economic, social and environmental. ”

In order to sign up to the Plan, companies are only required to complete a survey with the aim of sharing all the information about what the companies and organizations of the Port Community do in terms of sustainability. With this data, the annual Sectoral Sustainability Report is prepared, which follows the methodology of the Global Reporting Initiative. The first edition was 2016 and this year the 2017 issue will be presented.

“This is a very useful tool because it allows us to diagnose the initiatives that the Port Community develops in terms of sustainability. In addition, it also helps us to design action plans that allow us to advance and improve in specific areas,” said the President of the Catalan Port.

The Chairman of the Sustainability Working Group of the Port Community Governing Council, Eduard Duran, recalled that the plan is a project of collaboration and cooperation that arose from the aforementioned group. One of the first actions was to identify the different interest groups of the Port of Barcelona, that is, the entities or individuals that can affect or be significantly affected by the activities of the companies and organizations that make up the Port Community. Duran also recalled that the Port of Barcelona is one of the first in Europe to develop a sectoral plan with these characteristics.

For his part, the Deputy for the office of the Director General and Corporate Development, Pedro Arellano, explained the advantages that come with being linked to the Sector Sustainability Plan, as well as the processes to do so, encouraging the companies of the Port Community to participate, as the response to the challenges of sustainable growth “must be sought collectively”, he emphasized.

Source: Port of Barcelona Press Release