Success of the first professional course in 2017

Last week, the Escola organised its first course of the year: the SURCO Operations II for Spanish professionals. This advanced course provided a complete training in intermodal logistics and international rail freight transport.

The participants were professionals involved in rail and maritime cargo transport from companies such as ADIF, TCS Trans, INECO or Port Authorities (Tarragona and Bahía de Algeciras). In addition to the theoretical classes, two of the five training days were dedicated to practical visits: one in Zaragoza to see how the ADIF traffic control centre and the tmZ inland maritime terminal work and another day to get to know several railway facilities at the France-Spanish border: Port Bou terminal, Saint Charles international terminal, LFP (Perthus cross-border tunnel), Lorry Rail terminal, etc. The course format was a success, as one of the participants explained: “The visits are really useful and the theory / practice format is really good. The overall experience is very good and I am very satisfied.”

From 3rd to 6th of July 2017, a new edition of the SURCO Operations I course will take place in Barcelona. This programme will offer an introductory training on railway logistics and actors, infrastructures and equipment, legislation and documentation, rail and maritime cargo transport services and rail terminals inside ports. For more information: