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The Center for Transport Studies for the Western Mediterranean (CETMO) promotes the continuity of the Mediterranean Corridor towards Maghreb before the UN

The total investment needed would exceed 71,000 million euros. A delegation from the Center for Transport Studies for the Western Mediterranean (CETMO) has participated in the 80th session of the United Nations Internal Transport Committee (Unece-Geneva), where it has highlighted the relevance of the Euro-Mediterranean region and the need to …

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The Escola Europea presents the TransLogMed project in Tunis

After Tangier Med in October, the Escola Europea has organised a new edition of the conference “Motorways of the Sea: new tools for a logistic development”, presented in Tunis last week. The Escola displayed the training program specifically designed for North-African students as well as the logistic and intermodal services …

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The TransLogMED project presented in Tangier Med

  On 6th October Tangier Med hosted a conference called by the Escola Europea, under the title «Motorways of the Sea: new tools towards logistics development». The event was the prelude to an important milestone for the TransLogMED-Development of the Motorways of the Sea in the Mediterranean project: the approval …

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