Cruise activity in the Port of Barcelona generates a €800 mln and contributes €413 mln towards the Catalan GDP

According to a study by the University of Barcelona, the sector currently sustains nearly 7,000 jobs.

The cruise activity in the Catalan capital generates a total turnover of 796 million euros and contributes to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Catalonia with 413.2 million euros a year, according to the results of a study commissioned by Port Barcelona and developed by the Laboratory of Applied Economics AQR-Lab of the University of Barcelona in collaboration with Tourism of Barcelona.

The study, presented today by President of the Port of Barcelona, Sixte Cambra; Director of the Laboratory AQR-Lab of the University of Barcelona and Professor of Applied Economics, Jordi Suriñach; with the presence of Director General of Tourism of Barcelona, Jordi William Carnes, calculated the direct impact of the major stakeholders implicated in cruise activities, the indirect and induced impact, and the catalyst effects of the sector on the economy. Thus, the report revealed that the direct expenditure arising from cruise activities amounted to 442.5 million euros a year, which is split between three avenues: shipping companies (121.2 million), cruise passengers (315 , 8 million) and crew (5.5 million). From this initial expenditures, a turnover of indirect and induced €353.5 million is generated, which puts the total turnover of the activity of cruises at €796 million.

The study also highlighted that the volume of activity represents a contribution of 413.2 million euros to the GDP of Catalonia and maintains 6,759 jobs. It also generates tax revenues of 152 million euros in state, reginal and tourism taxes. The Catalan capital is the main beneficiary of this activity, since 75% of the total profits remains in Barcelona (313.4 million euro to the GDP and 5039 jobs, in absolute terms).

The president of the Port Sixte Cambre highlighted the important contribution made by the study “to evaluate the real economic and social dimension of a transport mode which in recent years has become very important as a source of investment, employment and economic activity”.

Other conclusions of the study

The cruise activities of the Port of Barcelona :

  • Generates an annual turnover of 796 million euros in Catalonia (2.2 million daily).
  • Contributes 413 billion euros to GDP of Catalonia.
  • Generates 152 million in tax revenue.
  • Keeps nearly 7,000 full-time jobs.
  • rovides connectivity flights to Barcelona airport and economic stability in other sectors of the city
  • Not only benefits the sectors linked to tourism but also to other industrial and service sectors
  •  It corresponds to a profile of cruise passengers who usually travel in pairs, with considerable interests in exploring the city and is a good promoter (90% want to return to the city and are known to recommend the experience to friends and acquaintances)

Source: Port of Barcelona Press Release – 150908_EstudiImpacteCreuers