The Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping collaborates with the University of Lleida promoting the first Master in Operations and Distribution Management in dual modality

On January 27th, a delegation from the University of Lleida, led by its Deputy Head Ferran Badia, visited the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping in the framework of the collaboration between the two organizations for the promotion of the Master in Operations and Distribution Management. The brand new training program is the first in Spain to offer continuous training in dual modality. The Escola takes part in it by organizing training courses on intermodality, Motorways of the Sea (MoS) and rail transport, in addition to projects in other fields of international cooperation.

The meeting took place at the Escola’s facilities and was attended, from the University de Lleida, besides its Deputy Head, by Cristina Costa, Head of University-Industry Relations, Francisco Juarez, Business Administration Department Professor, and Jorgina Roure, Dual Training Responsible. The Port of Barcelona Strategic Projects Manager, Carles Rua and the Director of the Escola, Eduard Rodés, along with the Escola’s Quality Manager Adriana Díaz, were also present. The new master will soon be presented to the Barcelona-Catalunya Logistics Centre’s Training Commission.

Dual-modality training alternates the classrooms and the business world and has recorded excellent results in Professional Training before taking the leap torwards higher education programmes. For the Master in Operations and Distribution Management, this option involves signing an employment contract during the school year, therewith ensuring the development of students’ professional skills both in the university and in the workplace, with both periods properly supervised. The programme, which is aimed at university graduates in engineering or business administration and professionals with industry experience who wish to certify it academically, also includes the completion of a final master work solving a business real problem in the hiring company. The Escola will aim in the promotion of this Master of the University of Lleida.