The European Parliament highlights the importance of rail corridors

The development of rail corridors is necessary to give Europe a more competitive and sustainable economy.

Ramón Luis Valcárcel, the European Parliament Vice President, recently highlighted the crucial” role of European transport corridors to make a “more competitive and sustainableEurope and its importance to improve road traffic and reduce consumption of oil, and lower CO2 emissions and transport costs.

This was noted during the conference that Ferrmed organized in Brussels, Belgium, to analyze the impact of international trade and European competitiveness in European corridors for 2015-2030.

In his speech Valcárcel recalled the various activities that the international body has been doing in this area, highlighting the resolution on the implementation of the 2011 White Paper on transport, which from the European Parliament a requested “generous” funds for the development of transport networks.

“If we want to make Europe more competitive, reducing energy consumption and the development of such connections seems to me to be vital,” stated the MEP.

Specifically, the vice president stressed the importance of developing the Mediterranean corridor to be able to transfer freight to rail transport, emphasizing “the remarkable benefits” that would be reaped for both ports as well as the logistics sector, and how it would further the development of the food industry, industrial and tourism of the East and of the South of Spain.

Source: Cadena de Suministro