The port of Tarragona improves its railway operations with the CLYMA project

CLYMA Project for the Lyon-Madrid axis development

The actions of this project enabled the facility of Tarragona to improve its railway operations.

The promoters of the CLYMA Project, which aims to develop the Lyon-Madrid axis of the Mediterranean Corridor, will present the results of the principal actions conducted in the port’s facility in the framework of the initiative, as well as other recently completed relevant studies of the Corridor in the premises of the port of Tarragona .

The objective of the European initiative CLYMA, of which the Tarragona port is partner, is to achieve a coordinated development of the infrastructures and an internal management scheme for the Madrid-Lyon corridor, covering four transport modes (railway, road, fluvial and maritime), two member States (Spain-France) and a cross-border section to guarantee coordination, cooperation and transparency.

During the two and a half years of the project, that will end in December 2015, the port facility of Tarragona has conducted various actions that have contributed both towards the improvement of the port’s connectivity with the Iberic and European hinterland and the optimization of its railway operations.

For this purpose, special attention should be given to the study of the UIC gauge implementation and the electrification of the rail accesses to the intermodal terminal, a work that is being finalized and that will enable the movement of the UIC gauge trains with mainline locomotives until the terminal header, minimizing the time and cost of operations. The intermodal terminal was also adapted to handle dangerous goods.

Furthermore, also in the framework of this initiative, the port is implementing a System for the Management of Railway Safety, in order to improve its railway operations with all the guarantees of security.

Information of the cconference:

  • Place: Port of Tarragona
  • Date: the 10th of November 2015

Source : Cadena de Suministro