The Spanish Customs Single Window will allow the operators to save 1,660 million euros

The Spanish Tax Office has launched the Customs Single Window (VUA- after it’s name in Spanish “Ventanilla Única Aduanera”), a pioneering project in the European Union that will result in estimated savings of 1,660 million euros after three years of implementation for the various actors involved in the chain of foreign trade, according the government.

The VUA is part of the package of streamlining administrative procedures driven by the Commission for the Reform of Public Administration (CORA). The cost savings of the Customs Single Window will be generated thanks to a concentration of procedures and controls to be performed at the time of the clearance of goods.

The creation of information tools that allow for greater coordination between various border inspection points will ultimately speed up the clearance of goods at customs, preceding controls and greatly reducing the costs of the office.

“The VUA shorten times and processing periods, unify and consolidate submission forms, and reduce paper documentation related to foreign trade goods.”

Furthermore, the controls and inspections carried out by Customs or other agencies will avoid multiple contained physical exams, as all the agencies involved in border control will share the information available to the customs office through a computer systems set up for this purpose.

From a managerial point of view, VUA combines procedures which now have to be followed in offices of various ministries. Thus it will shorten times and processing periods, unify and consolidate submission forms, and reduce documentation related to foreign trade goods.

For operators of foreign trade, the implementation of the Single Window will facilitate the planning of import operations, and will enable an earlier presentation of the import documents and information about the certificates required for each operation.

Source: Cadena de Suministro.