Our training in railway intermodality for professionals comes back in January 2017

From 28th November to 1st December, a group of Spanish professionals coming from companies of the railway sector – such as MSC, Logirail, Cetren and Slisa among others – took the SURCO Operations I training on maritime and railway intermodality offered by the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping – 2e3s.eu. The course provided a complete training in intermodal logistics and rail and maritime cargo transport services, focused on national port-haulier operations. During the 4 days, the participants attended theory lectures, visited the Port of Barcelona area and analysed real success-cases. The activities aim at preparing the professionals to develop more efficient supply chains integrating railway transport.

At the beginning of 2017, a new course in railway intermodality will come: SURCO Operations II is to finish off and study in depth the concepts presented in the two first level editions (SURCO I) that took place last September and November. This advanced training will provide more specialised information partly focused on the international railway market features. The 5-days training will go from 16th to 20th January. Enrolments now open. For the full programme and the registration form, please visit the event’s page.