Transporte News Radio: a radio for the logistics and transport sector!

Transporte News Radio is a Spanish radio dedicated to logistics and transport sector, covering all types of transport (road, air, maritime, rail) and all the related sector services: providers, warehouses, ports, airports, customs, insureance, restoration, tourism, among others.

The “star” program “Transporte y Gestión” is exclusively dedicated to the radio thematic : latest news, interviews, analysis, debates. etc.

Mixing between sector news and recreational program (music, sports, culture…), the radio reachs up to 4000 listeners simultaneously!

In collaboration with the Plataforma del Transporte en Ruta Todos a Una, Transporte News also created a Google Map for the drivers of the road transport sector to improve their work conditions. The map shows the best places to stay for food, rest, security. This map is a good example of collaborative content creation, as all the information in the map is coming from the comments of the drivers based on their own experience. A Facebook group has been created to help collect their recommendations.

Check it out and listen in now: