Voith on show

Maritime Journal

At this year’s SMM, Voith will be showcasing propulsion systems and vessel concepts focusing on high efficiency and dynamic positioning even under challenging conditions. A Voith Schneider Propeller as well as the Voith Inline Thruster 850, which can also be used as a bow thruster, will be on display.

Offshore exploration and energy generation are gaining in importance worldwide. As a consequence, the number of offshore wind turbines as well as oil and gas platforms is increasing. All of these must regularly be supplied with staff, fresh water and drilling material. In recent years, Voith has been equipping an ever larger number of platform supply and installation vessels with propulsion systems. To ensure positioning accuracy to the metre, the Voith Schneider Propellers (VSP) used as main propulsion systems are increasingly complemented by Voith Inline Thrusters (VIT) as bow thrusters on larger vessels.

With its new vessel concepts, Voith highlights the advantages of its propulsion systems regarding dynamic positioning (DP) and combines them with ideally suited designs. The High Flow 4 offshore construction vessel presented as a model enables dynamic positioning in currents of up to ten knots and Voith claims is set to transform the offshore market. The catamaran is powered by four VSP units, boasts an open deck space of approximately 1,000 square meters and is designed to install tidal energy turbines in high energy tidal streams.

The Maintainer vessel concept also on display as a model is similarly effective. It has been developed by Voith together with NavConsult, a subsidiary of the Schramm group. The service vessel will close the gap between the catamarans that are currently used and large offshore supply vessels for the installation and maintenance of wind turbines. The Maintainer concept boasts DP2 and permits safe access to the wind turbines in a weather window up to a significant wave height of 2.5 metres. The combination of two VSP and two VIT 850-200 bow thrusters ensures precise dynamic positioning within the wind farm.

In addition, Voith will present a size 10 VSP. The versatility of this propulsion system for offshore applications, tugs and ferries is demonstrated by various vessel models on display: the platform supply vessel Edda Fides, the new Walk-to-Work vessel owned by logistics provider Royal Wagenborg and the Voith Water Tractor (VWT) Shinano.

Shinano is the first Voith Water Tractor with a fully electronic control system. The improvements resulting from this VSP control system can be experienced at the booth using the control system on display: The control stand level has been modified; bridge components such as joystick, wheel and propulsion control lever have been ergonomically designed.